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Request insight into your personal data

The company, (Groupe BM & The Business .cv) (the company or we) can see to raise and edit personal information of our clients.

We see the professional secrecy as well as the respect of privacy as the top priority of our activity.

The BM only collects information and data if it is justified to edit the files. These are, for example, to addresses (residence and e-mail), telephone numbers, birthday and profession.

Following the provisions - the right, we are also obliged to collect different data as part of legislation against money laundering and terrorist financing ("AML").

Further data may be charged by the - our rental worker / rental staff, which (r) consultet. These data will be discussed in individual cases by the client and the rental worker, as far as the file (s) requires (require).

Personal data is stored safely by the BM and are subject to the provisions of professional secrecy.

Personal and personal-related data is not transmitted outside the European Economic Area. Said data is stored during the entire duration of the file (s) to be edited. After archiving the file (s), personal information can be stored up to 5, 10 or 30 years.

Our clients - can access their personal and personal data; However, this does not include the transmission of parts of the file (s). The clients can apply for free, on the part of the law firm (I) insight and transmission of personal data, as well as the (ii) amendment of personal data and (iii) whose deletion. Personal data can not be deleted if this would involve a risk not to meet AML legislation, or the possibility of rental workers / rental staff to entitle their actions within the scope of the file (s).

For questions and suggestions, we are of course about e-mail at your disposal.