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Company consulting

We offer a (company) legal advice as well as legal company - consulting to sole proprietors or small companies already at the time of the company foundation. In doing so, we accompany our clients from the very beginning in the contractual structuring of everyday business life and provide support in clear contractual arrangements (also in unforeseeable emergency situations) such as in the following constellations:

Handling of company formations as well as entries and changes in the commercial register ( EU - USA - China, Arabia) 

Verification of legal security and enforceability of existing contracts

Preparation of individual contracts (e.g. employment contracts, service contracts, subcontractor contracts, GmbH articles of association, managing director contracts, etc.) (  

Adaptation and harmonization with already existing contracts (e.g. will or GmbH articles of association) (international)

Individual drafting of health care powers of attorney, living wills and other private regulations

General contract advice, including general terms and conditions, warranty law, trademark law (no patent law)

Dissolution of employment relationships 

 It is particularly important for private clients to seek legal advice, because unresolved legal problems or misconduct can have significant consequences. Our clients receive professional advice on topics such as: 

private legal disputes - liability law - insurance law - administrative law issues
property law and tenancy law - building law, building acceptance, building defects, etc. - real estate purchase contracts contract law
family law - divorce and separation law - inheritance law - financial and banking disputes
Neighborhood law - etc.. 

The-Business CV , offers a wide range of services for businesses. Here are some examples:  

- Representation - Administrative Law - Public Procurement Law
- civil liability - corporate law - property law
- arbitration law - copyright, patent and trademark law
- execution law, - seizure law - criminal law,
- computer and internet law, - media law, - labor and social law,
- real estate law, - bankruptcy and liquidation law,
- data protection, - protection of privacy, - consumer law, - general terms and conditions,
- etc...